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Wildlife corridors link protected areas together through better coordination between public and private land managers and can reduce barriers to wildlife between these protected areas. These corridors help wildlife survive and even thrive, providing migratory routes to find food, mates, or to escape ecosystems negatively impacted by climate change. Wildlife corridors also reduce risks for humans by limiting the number of collisions between automibles and wildlife.

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Corridors contribute to sustainable wildlife populations in three ways. First, they allow colonization in new areas when food sources or other natural resources are lacking in their core habitat. Second, corridors allow seasonal migration away from barriers caused by human development. Finally, corridors promote interbreeding, allowing animals to find new mates in neighboring regions so that genetic diversity can increase.

We have identifed numerous ways New Mexico Wild can help protect and even enhance wildlife migratory routes through public education and outreach to our state legislature, congressional delegation, and federal and state land management agencies.

Read our full Wildlife Corridors Campaign Report here.

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 Wildlife Corridors Act

On March 28, 2019, New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham signed Senate Bill 228, the Wildlife Corridors Act, into law. The Wildlife Corridors Act, which was sponsored by State Senator Mimi Stewart, directs the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish to develop a Wildlife Corridors Action Plan to identify key roads and other barriers impacting wildlife migration. Game and Fish will then create a list of projects intended to protecting existing wildlife corridors and improve them where necessary.

New Mexico Wild was proud to play an important role in getting the Wildlife Corridors Act passed, and we look forward to working with Game and Fish and other key stakeholders to ensure that New Mexico's wildlife corridors are protecting animals and humans alike.

You can read the full text of the Wildlife Corridors Act here.

Report with Wildlands Project

Protecting and improving New Mexico's wildlife corridors has long been a focus of ours. In 2003, we partnered with Wildlands Project to write a detailed report outlining the barriers and challenges facing New Mexico's wildlife and offering suggestions on how to improve wildlife migratory routes.

Read the full text of the report here.

Summer 2019 Advisory Newsletter on Wildlife Corridors

Read our Summer 2019 Advisory Newsletter on Wildlife Corridors here.

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