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tererro map resizedIn June 2019, it was reported that Comexico LLC, a Colorado subsidiary of Australian mining company New World Cobalt Ltd., is seeking to begin exploratory mining operations in the Santa Fe National Forest.

Comexico is targeting an area a few miles south of the Pecos Wilderness, just to the west of the Pecos River for this operation. The company plans to drill up to 30 holes - each between 500 and 4,000 feet deep - to determine whether the site is a viable option for a full blown mine. Even the exploratory process could contaminate the Pecos River and other nearby streams, potentially damaging the health of fish, wildlife, and humans living in the area.

New Mexico Wild is proud to work alongside local community members and business owners, acequia and land grant owners, tribes, elected officials, sportsmen and women, and other nonprofit organizations to prevent the Tererro Mine from ever becoming a reality.


From 1926-1929, the Pecos Mine and El Molino Mill operated in largely the same area in which Comexico plans to begin exploratory drilling. The Pecos Mine was not closed down responsibly, leading to the contamination of soils, 5-10 acres of wetlands, Willow Creek and the Pecos River. The effects of the mine, however, were felt long after its operations ceased. In 1991, spring runoff caused a massive fish kill - more than 90,000 trout died at the Lisboa Springs Fish Hatchery alone.

The damage caused by the 1991 runoff has been limiting the number of visitors to the region ever since. For a community reliant on outdoor tourism, the economic impacts of the disaster have been devastating.

What's worse, the cleanup of the Pecos Mine spill is still underway - more than 90 years after the mine opened operations! 



Summer 2019 Advisory Newsletter: Pecos Under Threat - New Mexico Wild
Comexico LLC Tererro Project Core Drilling Talking Points
 - USDA Forest Service, Santa Fe National Forest

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